The album cover pillow


The good old vinyl records have given us lots of fantastic music during history, but the covers were also an import part of a record release.

Several record covers are considered to be a piece of art, and some of the old classics are even more famous for their covers than their music.


Here is a selection of some of iconic covers:

Kombo 2


You can find your favorite covers online, like on this site


In my house we appreciate self made art, and because we both have been enthusiastic fans of u2 for decades, we came up with the idea of making U2 art.




We ended up with a U2 pillow for our new couch.

Utgave 1


I found the cover image online, and did some work with it in Photoshop.

The contrast was increased and the image size were increased to 50 x 50 cm. I also made the grey backside of the pillow in the same size.

The two images were uploaded to Spoonflower and then printed on cotton twill – a thicker and a bit more durable fabric than ordinary cotton.

The image I used is from U2’s first record Boy that were released in 1980, and the boy on the cover is the 6 year old Peter Rowen.

Trivia well worth knowing is that Peter is the younger brother of a buddy and neighbor of Bono. Peter’s big brother is also the one to give Bono his artist name.

Cover War og Boy


Peter Rowen were also the boy on U2’s next record War, released three years later. So an expansion of this new record pillow collection of ours just might happen someday :)

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