Pattern designing – stripes, plaids, waves and zigzags


This course in Adobe Photoshop will teach you how to digitally design classical patterns like stripes, plaids, gingham, waves and zigzags.

Become your own designer and learn pattern designing – stripes, plaids, waves and zigzags in Adobe Photoshop. These classical patterns never go out of fashion and are often used by fashion designers in their stylish catwalk garments.

When you learn how to design these patterns, you can make your own personal favorites with your favorite colors. Use simple and fun design techniques to build your base of classical patterns with a wide variety of uses. The designs can be printed on both fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. They can also be used digitally in for instance web designs or your can print them on cards or paper used for scrapbooking.

For this course you should have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and be familiar with Photoshop tools like selections, the Pen tool and layers. If you don’t have any prior knowledge of Photoshop, we recommend taking our course Photoshop for designers first. Or if you consider yourself to be an adventurous beginner in digital design, you will most likely find your way through the easy to read text lessons and illustrations. After each lessons your will get assignments to practice what you have learned and video demonstrations on how the assignment can be solved.

The course also has a discussion and support forum for it’s students to discuss the course experiences and to get help and support with the designer projects.

For this course you need a PC or Mac computer with Adobe Photoshop.

In addition to it’s use by professional photographers to enhance and manipulate photographs, Photoshop is very well suited for digital design with many options when designing fabrics, wallpaper, greeting cards, digital scrapbooking etc.

Fabric designing


We recommend that you have the latest version of Photoshop with the latest updates. The latest version is called Photoshop CC and is a subscription service. By subscribing you will get access to the updated version of Photoshop for under $ 10 a month. Read more about Photoshop CC on Adobe’s website.

Some of you might have an older Photoshop version on your computer, and you can also get far in the designer courses with an older version of Photoshop. Many of the basic functions are the same as the ones in Photoshop CC.

portrait kolle 1

Marit Kolle is a sewing and designer enthusiast with a great love for sharing her creative knowledge with others. As a digital designer and Photoshop expert, she combines her sewing skills with digital designing and teaches pattern designing for fabrics, cards designing and scrapbooking.

Marit is the founder and leader of the Scandinavian school of sewing and design, a school for teaching others sewing and digital design.


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