Make your own wall art


I will show you how you can make your own stylish and personalized wall art.

When you put large art posters on the wall in your house, you should in my opinion make sure that the art relates to the people living there.

And what is more personal than the art you make yourself?

Since I am a big fan of Adobe Photoshop as a designer tool, we are going to make some of the design work in Photoshop and some in Illustrator.

Like Photoshop, Illustrator is a part of the Adobe family. You could perhaps call it Photoshop’s little sister. The main difference between the two software programs is that Photoshop originally was meant for working with photos, while Illustrator often is used for drawings and illustrations. Especially if you need to enlarge or reduce your drawings, Illustrator has a great advantage because it is vector based. For instance if you are designing a business logo that need to be be scaled up for large posters and scaled down for business cards.

An early edition of Illustrator that contains the most important functionality, can be downloaded for free (and completely legal) on this website.

When you have Illustrator available, you need a photo of a person. Preferably someone you really like and admire. Also find an inspirational or fun quote from this person.

Since I am a big fan of the comedian Tine Fey, I am using a photo of her.

First I will make the image into a black and white stylistic sketch.

Do this by opening the photo in Illustrator. Make sure the photo is marked, you can see it’s marked when it have a thin, blue frame around it.

Then go to the menu Object and select Image Trace and Make.

Skjermdump illustrator fey


Here you can see the result after the work in Illustrator:

Tina Fey 2


Now save the image as an ai file.

I prefer to do the rest of the work in Photoshop:

Open a new document in Photoshop. Set the size of the new document based on how large you want the finished poster to be. You must also take into account the formats the photo printing company offers.

I wanted a finished poster in the size 80 x 40 cm. The photo printing company I used didn’t deliver in this exact size, but they I could have a poster delivered in the size 80 x 60 cm. So I made a document in Photoshop in size 80 x 60 cm, did the Photoshop work in this and then cropped the poster after receiving it by post.

After setting the size in Photoshop, set the resolution of the image to 300 ppi and the background color be white.

Then use the Rectangular Marquee tool in the toolbar. The settings in the options bar can be set to Fixed ratio 8:4.

Make a selection that goes from the left side all over to the right side. Then fill the selection with a black color.

Now open your black and white ai file in Photoshop and transfer it to the document.

Use the text tool to add a quote – use a cool font you like. You can download additional, free fonts online in websites like

Tina Fey 2

To prevent your document becoming enormous when you save it, you can save it as a tif file. In the popup window during saving, select Image Compression LZW and Layer Compression Discard Layers and Save a Copy. Then you will have a much more manageable file to upload to a photo printing company.

When put in a glass and frame with a white passe-partout, you will have a great piece of art on your wall.

And in our house Tina Fey is really enjoying being the center of everyone’s attention


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