Make your own wall art

I will show you how you can make your own stylish and personalized wall art. When you put large art posters on the wall in your house, you should in my opinion make sure that the art relates to the people living there. And what is more personal than the art you make...

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Pinafore dress with cherries

We love to have visits from our cute, little cousin Sara :) She loves to play with the swing in the garden, and she also arranges little tea parties for us in the playhouse. In her last visit I made her a pinafore dress from my own fabric design. The dress is...

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The album cover pillow

The good old vinyl records have given us lots of fantastic music during history, but the covers were also an import part of a record release. Several record covers are considered to be a piece of art, and some of the old classics are even more famous for their covers...

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How to make your own fabric design

You have many possibilities and areas for use for your digitally designed patterns. You can use you patterns when scrapbooking, in web designs or you can have them printed on fabrics, wallpaper, mugs or ipad covers. There are several businesses on the marked that...

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How to preview designs on your computer screen

In digital design the colors will never look the same on a computer screen compared to when printed on fabric, paper or a wallpaper. That is why we recommend that you order swatches of your designs before you order larger quantities. But there are some tools that can...

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