We know that people learn differently. That is why our courses are designed so that everyone can learn. The courses are made up of easy-to-read text lessons with illustrations. The different lessons end with practical assignments, so you can practice what you’ve learnt and really acquire your new knowledge. In all the courses on digital design, there are also video demonstrations of how you can solve the assignments in Photoshop.

The courses has discussion and support forums for the students to discuss the course experience and to get help and support with your projects.

At A Creative Kick you can get social with other A Creative Kick members and share your great sewing and designer results. Check out Instagram #acreativekick and the student project page. Or go to our Facebook page for inspiration from members of the community.

Kickstart your creativity with a creative course today!


I believe that all people are creative. With A Creative Kick I have made courses so you can kickstart your creativity and become your own designer.

Since I was a child I have loved to create stuff and I was thrilled when my mother taught me how to sew. From an early age I sat by an old Singer hand crank sewing machine, sewing charming little Christmas presents for the whole family :) Some years down the line when I got my own family, I started sewing clothes for my kids – and they actually loved wearing them!

Later I found that I could combine my sewing skills with my Photoshop skills and design and create my own fabrics for my sewing projects. With basic Photoshop skills, you can become your own designer and design fabrics, wallpaper or greeting cards. Or learn how you in a beautiful and creative way can present family photos in digital scrapbooking.

To share my knowledge and experience with you in these areas, I have made these online courses to teach you fun and easy techniques in sewing and digital design. And after you have been through these step by step lessons, I guarantee that you very soon will be able to make lovely designs you show off to the world :)

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